A data recovery job done by a lab can cost you thousands of dollars and for a fraction of the cost you can protect you equipment and integrity of your data with preventive maintenance.

  • Record your business or place 24/7.
    You'll always need to protect yourself with evidence recorded all the time, easy to find by date and time.
  • Play it back.
    Find the date and time you need to review and just play it back.
  • Pause at any moment.
    Get the exact frame that you need.

Camera Suveillance

The future is here with the latest and most reliable surveillance system. Today's fast moving world is full of surprises and without a proof such as a video can be difficult to avoid problems and protect your assets 24/7.

Protect your assets and your self with our state of the art survillance camera. Get the latest and most advanced system available on the market. Monitor your premisses from anywhere in the world.


We are proud to offer the highest quality of work with the latest technology and integration of multiple services on the cloud. Setup your entire infrastructure from the wiring to the management of your network at affordable prices. Our highly trained technicians are ready for your project.

  • Full and quick insfrastructure setup
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  • Planning
    Tell us what do you need, we make it possible for you.
  • Navigate safe and fast
    We program and secure your network.


We offer scheduled maintenance services with a boost of performance on your devices. With this services we can predict failures before it happens and protect you from catastrophic outcome and loss of data.We work on Mac and Windows machines.

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Clocks are so 2000. Get the time tracking of the future.